Reopen a completed course or program

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A Learner can reopen a course or program that they already completed. They will be able to see its contents, but not change their answers.

Reopen a completed program

  1. On the top right, hover over your profile picture, and click Results
  2. In the section Programs, on the left of the session name, click View program (eye icon)
  3. Click on a course
  4. In the left sidebar, click the activities

Reopening completed courses does not count as a new attempt. The time spent on the activity remains the same, and the answers cannot be changed.

Reopen a completed course

Only platforms with the 360Learning Team and User Packs offers may reopen courses in this way.

  1. On the top of the page, click the search bar
  2. Enter the name of the course, then click the course
  3. Click Start

Reopen a completed program on the Android app

  1. On the bottom right, tap Profile
  2. Tap Training history
  3. Open a program
  4. From the program screen, tap on a course
  5. On the bottom of the screen, tap Continue
  6. On the top left, tap the menu (three horizontal lines)
  7. Tap on the activities

Start over the program

Assign Learners to a new session

This is the most direct option to give Learners access again to the session.

  1. On the top of the page, click Dashboard
  2. In the left sidebar, click PROGRAM TEMPLATES
  3. On the right of the line, click Create new session ("+" button)

Share the program courses in the Catalog

See Add a course to the Catalog.

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