Source your courses from the best experts with collaborative authoring


Close the feedback loop

The top-viewed online courses are those that truly address learners' needs: they provide meaningful advice to learners' daily issues, in an actionable way.

But creating relevant courses is hard: how can you set a stage for field experts? How to quickly create content without compromising on course quality? How do you adapt to the ever-increasing pace of business needs?

As an L&D professional, your role is to find and empower a team of experts who will truly help your learners. 

Your 360Learning platform allows you to create courses collaboratively and improve the quality of your training programs.



Bring the right expertise at the right time 

Bringing experts into the course creation process is the best way to create hands-on, actionable courses.

Here's how your 360Learning platform can help:

  1. Assign your operational experts as course co-authors so they can create content
  2. Empower them by giving them all the resources that will help them create courses that are compliant with your quality guidelines: corporate messaging, acronyms, core values... Anything that will help them create the best content in no time!
  3. In Edit Mode, course authors can post internal comments in the forum


    Learners won't see these comments in the forum. At any time, you can access the list of authors who can actually read these comments by hovering over the Internal tab, then by clicking Who can see this message?


    Tip: You are giving feedback to a specific author? You can tag them by using the @ key before their name!


  4. You have created a course, and need your operational experts to proofread them? You can them as course Reviewers directly from the course General Information. They will receive an email invitation to review the course. They will be able to send internal comments which will only be visible by the course author and co-authors.

💼 Assigning Course Reviewers is a feature only available with the 360Learning Leadership solution. For more information on the Leadership solution, click here.



Scale content creation

Collaborate on courses

Efficiency is key to responding to your company's business needs. Technically, you need to be able to create courses rapidly from existing drafts, without compromising quality... nor inadvertently editing existing content!

Important: the 360Learning authoring tool does not enable you to work simultaneously on a given course (unlike Google Doc for instance). If several users are authoring a course at the same time, then only the edits made by the last person leaving the course edit mode will be saved. If you wish to collaborate on courses, we suggest you follow the steps below


Here's how your platform can help your team work on a course:

  1. When possible, communicate ahead of making some big changes on a course using internal comments. Once your team has validated the edits, you can go ahead and change the activity.
  2. When in doubt: you can make a copy of the activity and suggest your edits, which won't impact the initial version. Your team will then be able to compare the two versions and keep the best one.

For more information: read our article on course duplication and copies of activities.



Case study: how to manage multiple translations of a course

AS Beauty Corp formulates and distributes cosmetics in 70+ countries via a network of beauty spas. They need to train the spa staff in 15 languages worldwide. Courses are first created in French and then adapted to the corresponding language by regional supervisors.

Here's how we can proceed:

  1. From the French version, duplicate the course
  2. Select the new language from the course General Information section
  3. Assign each regional supervisor as course main author
  4. Edit the activities:
    1. For documents: delete the activity that contains the document, then upload a new document within the course. This will not impact the initial course.
    2. For cheat sheets: make a copy of the cheat sheet, then copy/paste the translation and delete the initial cheat sheet. This will not impact the initial course.
    3. For questions: make a copy of the question, then copy/paste the translation and delete the initial question. This will not impact the initial course.
  5. Share internal comments via the course forum to work towards a final version


Work collaboratively on programs

Important: it is not possible to assign multiple authors to a program template. However, you can assign multiple session instructors.


Here are our tips for working collaboratively on programs:

  • Use a generic admin account from a shared email address to create program templates. This will ensure multiple authors to work on the same template.
  • If the person who created the template has left your organization: if the account is still active, you can edit the account personal information. If the account has bee deleted, then Admins from the Generic group will be able to edit the template.
  • If you're an Admin: you can duplicate the program template.
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