Become the Hero of your Learning Organization with the 360Learning Leadership offer


This is where the Leadership journey starts

To extend the L&D impact and reach, you want to source and launch your training directly into your business teams. Learning Organizations typically rely on a pool of 5% Leaders who continuously upskill their fellow learners.

But transitioning into a Learning Organization is hard. How can one detect domain experts from the ground up? How do you motivate them into sharing their knowledge? How can you reward them for their effort?

The 360Learning Leadership offer is here to take your company on a journey towards a culture of lifelong learning. Unleash your internal experts via a detection workflow, empower them into becoming the best Leaders they can be and create a rewarding experience to keep them engaged.




Detect future Leaders within your organization

There are experts, makers, visionaries and natural mentors in your organization. You want them to declare themselves and explain how they can help in an actionable way.

The 360Learning Leadership offer allows you to do just that by helping you detect your organization's future leaders and match them with your business needs. Here's how:

    1. From the Home, Wanna-be Leaders are prompted to declare their training project via a quick survey


    2. You can review your Leader's training project and assess whether they fit your management needs

    3. Grant authoring permissions to your Leaders from your Dashboard to get them started

💡 Pro tip: Timing is key to avoid frustration. You should aim at reviewing your Leaders' training projects in less than 7 days.



Activate your Leaders' potential

By empowering your Leaders into creating courses, your job will be shifted from creating content for business teams to orchestrating the global learning strategy. More courses will be created, thus unlocking more achievements and generating more business impact.

But becoming a Leader is hard. It takes courage and confidence to decide to share knowledge by creating courses for other learners.

With the Leadership offer, your platform is here to help you support your emerging Leaders:

  1. As soon as Leaders are granted permissions, a fast-track onboarding will walk them through the authoring tool


  2. You also want to empower your Leaders into creating the best possible content. Why not create a community of Leaders via a private group, or give them your course quality guidelines for creating top-notch content faster?
📚 For more information: click here to access our guidelines on how to help your experts grow into the best Leaders.



Reward your Leaders

Keeping your Leaders engaged is the secret sauce for a high number of Leaders creating high-quality courses.

This is where the Leadership offer comes in. 

  1. First, you want to make your Leaders feel like they improve week after week. Reviewing their courses and sharing them in a program, via the catalog or via the group's library will show them how much they actually contribute to the learning community!


  2. Each week, the Leaderboard will feature Leaders who had the most impact by creating the most courses or having as many learners finishing your courses as possible



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