Maintain PowerPoint animations through to the course player


The 360Learning document viewer won't play animated slides from PowerPoint presentations in the course player. However, there are are 2 workarounds you can use to display animations.




Embed the presentation

With this option, you host your PowerPoint presentation into an external provider (for instance, Google Slides), before embedding it into the platform.

✅ Embedding your presentation might be relevant for you if:

  • You want your learners to navigate through the document like an actual PowerPoint presentation by using directional keys

❌ However, you might want to think of another solution if:

  • You need a straightforward solution. This is not to say that embedding the presentation si a tedious process, but you might need to make slight edits to the layout of your presentation by hosting it into another provider
  • You don't want to host your presentation into an external provider

In the following example, we will show you how to embed a PowerPoint presentation using Google Slides:

  1. Access Google Drive


  2. Click New > File Upload


  3. Select file
  4. Right-click the file thumbnail, then click Open With > Google Slides


  5. Your presentation will open in Google Slides. In the document editor, click File > Publish to the web... 


  6. In the pop-in window, go to the Embed tab, then hit Publish

  7. Click OK

  8. Copiez the embed code in the address bar. You code block should start with an <iframe> tag and end with an </iframe> tag

  9. Next, go to the TrainingPrograms > Courses menu and select your course

  10. Add a new document

  11. In the document editor, go to the Paste an embed code section and paste the embed code from Google Slides

  12. Fill in the document's name and click SAVE

  13. When you launch the presentation, you will be able to read the animated slides by using directional keys!




Record the presentation

Here, you will record your screen when the presentation is playing and then upload the video file as a regular document onto your platform.

✅ Recording your presentation on your screen might be a good idea if:

  • You wish to host all your documents in one place
  • You want to add a voiceover to narrate your presentation

❌ However, we suggest you go for another solution if:

  • Your PowerPoint presentation is rather long and you want learners to navigate it at their own pace


There are a lot of online resources out there that will help you record your screen. Here, we are going to use Screencast O Matic.

🎓 For more information: feel free to check out our article on Screencast O matic.


To add a screen recording:

  1. Go to Screencast O matic and launch the screen recorder
  2. Play the PowerPoint slideshow  
  3. When the recording is over, save it as MP4file
  4. Next, go to your Training Programs > Courses menu and select your course

  5. Add a new document

  6. Upload the video from your computer

  7. Your PowerPoint presentation will launch as a video
💡 Tip: even if the document isn't a PowerPoint presentation per se, learners can still navigating by pausing the video (❚❚) and reading the slides. Don't hesitate to create a CheatSheet, add reading tips & additional notes in the text editor and add the video as maindocument (grey button on the right-hand side).
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