Can I reopen a finished session?


It is not possible to extend the date of a finished session. However, here are 3 ways you can reinstate a program:



Create a new session

This is the most straightforward way to reassign your learners.

✅ Creating a new session is the right option if:

  • You want your learners to take program courses in a specific order

❌ However, you might want to think of another solution if:

  • Your learners' progress is spread all over the program. Assigning your learners to a new session will make them take the entire program all over again, including items they had already done.
Tip: check out the "Progress by course" chart in the session statistics to know more about your learner's progress in the program.


To create a new session:

  1. In the top bar, click Training Programs


  2. Click PROGRAMS


  3. Select a program


  4. In the Session box, click (+)


  5. Fill in the session information, and register trainees who haven't finished the program (i.e learners whose progress in lower than 100%). You can find these learners by downloading the program results from the session statistics.


Share program courses in the catalog

Please note: you can only make courses available in the catalog if you have subscribed to the 360Learning Starter or to the User-Pack pricing plans.


The catalog allows you to share training items in open access, without registering your learners beforehand.

✅ Sharing courses in the catalog is the right option for you if:

  • Your learners didn't go through your program at the same pace. If all of your program courses are available in the catalog, learners will be able to access any of them by navigating the catalog.

❌ However, you might want to think of something else if:

  • You want learners to take program courses following a specific order
  • Your courses contain open questions. These questions are meant to be corrected by program Instructors within the session. If a course which features open questions is in the group's catalog, open questions will not be visible in the course.

To share a course in the catalog:

  1. In the top bar, click Training programs


  2. In the left sidebar, click COURSES and select a course


  3. In the course edit mode, click on GENERAL SETTINGS


  4. Scroll down to the Share your course section, and click (+) GROUPS


  5. Select the group(s) for which the course will be available, and click CONFIRM

Important: when learners take a course via the catalog, statistics will be generated at the course's level, instead of program level. Go to your Dashboard > Courses menu to access the learner's results for courses in open access.


Create catch-up sessions

This solution allows you to register learners only to the program segment they hadn't completed.

✅ Creating catch-up sessions might be relevant for you if:

  • You wish to take learners' progress into account

❌ However, please note that:

  • This solution is slightly more demanding in terms of preparation and follow-up. We suggest that you set up a new session if you're looking for a more straightforward option.

To create catch-up sessions:

  1. In the top bar, click Dashboard


  2. Click SESSIONS


  3. Select the session


  4. In the session statistics, go to the "Progress by course" chart

  5. For each cohort
      1. Click on the corresponding chart bar
      2. In the popup window, select all learners

      3. Click on + Group


      4. You can name this group "Catch-up Session - program name"
      5. Then, head over to the Training Programs menu


      6. Click PROGRAMS


      7. Select a program


      8. Duplicate the program template


      9. In the program editor, keep courses from the corresponding "Progress by course" chart bar onwards. You can remove training blocks by clicking on the bin icon.


        And because a short demonstration goes a long way, here's how we would proceed with this program:


        • Learners from the "Invited", "Registered Users" & "course 1. # Adapt Blended..." chart bars would be reassigned to a whole new session
        • Learners from the "course 2. How to succeed..." chart bar would be reassigned to a program starting from courses 2, 3 and 4
        • Learners from the "course 3. Create the s..." chart bar would be reassigned to a program starting from courses 3 and 4
        • Learners from the "course 4. Adapting your..." chart bar would be reassigned to a program featuring course 4 only. You could alternatively share the course in the group's catalog. 
      10. From each catch-up program, create a session


      11. From the program session, reassign the corresponding group
Tip: to maximize connection rates to the catch-up session, feel free to notify your learners that they will be reassigned to a new session by posting a message on the newsfeed of the finished session.
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