Can I extend the end date of a finished program session?

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However, workarounds exist.

Create a new, identical session

The obvious one. This forces users to start again from the beginning. Choose this if you value your time over theirs.

  1. In the left sidebar, click Dashboard
  2. In the left sidebar, click PROGRAM TEMPLATES
  3. On the right of the name, click Create new session (icon of a « + »)
  4. Add an end date for the new session
  5. In Registrations, assign the Learners who couldn’t finish the previous session
  6. Fill in the mandatory fields for the blocks, if there is any
  7. On the bottom, click PUBLISH THE PROGRAM SESSION

Create new, adaptive sessions

A variation of the previous one, with more work on your side. The idea is to create truncated versions of the original session, adapted to where your Learners were when it finished.

  1. Go to the original session’s statistics
  2. In the section Progress by course, click on each histogram bar to see the list of Learners at each step of the program
  3. For each bar, duplicate the program template, remove the blocks that the Learners finished, and invite them to the new session 

Share program courses in the catalog

You can only make courses available in the Catalog if you have subscribed to the 360Learning Team or to the User-Pack pricing plans.

This is the middle ground. The idea is to share program courses the Catalog, so that Learners who couldn’t finish them in the session can still play them. You can add requirements to force the order in which courses are played.

Use this solution if having a 100 % completion rate to the session isn’t critical, and if the courses don’t contain Open-ended questions.

Also, note that statistics for courses played through the Catalog will be available in Dashboard>COURSES, but not Dashboard>PROGRAM SESSIONS.

See Add a course to the Catalog.

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