Unleash your organization's future Champions


Help your Experts self-declare, structure their training project and match them with your roadmap

To extend the L&D impact and reach, you want to source and launch your training directly into your business teams. That is how you create business impact: your training solves a pragmatic challenge with specific knowledge from domain experts. You need Champions from your field team to teach their expertise to Learners.

This process won't happen from thin air: wanna-be Champions are hard to detect and very often need to be pushed into voicing they can help. You also need to drive the efforts to match the management needs. Moreover, crafting engaging modules implies know-hows that you have to pass on your authors for them to be successful.

Your platform helps you succeed in this process by empowering the Learners who have the most leadership material to declare their training projects. The detection process sorts your wanna-be Champions by expertise and aggregates this information into a dashboard to help you review training projects. From there you can easily manage authoring permissions for your Champions.



Detect future Champions

You want aspiring Champions to declare themselves and explain how they can help in an actionable way. Your platform allows you do to just that by setting up a detection workflow:

  1. Learners receive self-declaration forms (either via the Homepage, upon completing a course and via email) to assess their potential
  2. If interested, they are prompted to elaborate on their training project within the survey with additional questions
  3. Questions include:
    • Topic
    • Audience
    • Impact
    • Skills 

Here's an example of a survey on the Homepage 


Review your Champion's training projects

Your learners have expressed their interest in crafting a course. Now, you want to compare them with your actual training roadmap so your Champions can start crafting engaging courses.

Here's our your platform can help you connect your Champions with your training projects:

  1. You will find your Learners' answers to self-detection forms in the Potential Champions tab in your dashboard. From there, you can quickly review their training project and assess whether it fits your training roadmap.
  2. Bingo! You found wanna-be Champions whose projects match yours. You can confirm their request to grant them authoring rights and get them started.
For more information on authoring roles, click here.


Empower your Champions

Becoming a Champion is hard. It takes courage and confidence to decide to create courses to make people grow. 

Your role as an L&D manager is to review your Champions' courses in a supportive way. Here's our suggested plan of action:

  1. Create a private group for your Champions to get a sense of community and share best practices
  2. Provide Champions with content creation resources to help them along the way: share your proofreading guidelines and/or course templates they can build from
  3. Reviewing your Champions' content in a supportive way is key to avoiding frustration. Make sure you watch their courses rapidly (in less than a week) so they truly feel like they improve over time
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