Register Learners to your Programs


Target Learners to Maximize Participation

The best online courses have a high participation rate - they have clearly identified learner constraints and put techniques into place to circumvent them. At 360Learning, we consider that a training program has been successfully deployed when the participation rate reaches 70%.

With online training, one of the main risks is to frustrate or even lose your learners when they first connect to the platform. Concretely: a learner who can’t find their training program is not likely to complete it, let alone improve!

Your platform allows you to effectively target your learners to maximize your connection rates: invite them directly from the session settings menu, set up large cohorts of users by importing a CSV file, and easily manage accounts by creating groups and assigning labels.



Invite your learners from the program session

Register users in the program to make sure they can easily access training content:

  1. From the program template, create a session. Configure it according to the needs of your learners: fill in dates, designate a team of contact points and write a personalized presentation message.
  2. Invite users by email: from the session settings, you can add existing users and groups, or enter the e-mail address of new users
  3. You can add learners to the session at any time.

Here are our best practices to increase learner connection rates:

  • Before training rollout: inform your learners that they’ll soon be enrolled in a program via email. Feel free to ask them to check their spam folder if they tell you that they haven’t received the invitation email.
  • Regularly follow up with learners who haven’t logged on to the platform. You can easily find them in the “Course Advancement” diagram in the session statistics.
  • Verify that your email server doesn’t have a firewall that will block emails sent from no-reply@360learning.
For more information: check out our Technical Documentation to find out how to improve notification deliverability.


Import accounts

Anticipate user registration before program launch by setting up their accounts on the platform.

  1. Download the CSV import template from the platform (My Account > Users> Add Users> Set up multiple accounts)
  2. Fill in the file by adding learner accounts
  3. Once the template is complete, copy the information into the platform and choose the integration options (additional information, labels, and groups)

Follow our tips to easily use the CSV file:

  • It’s tempting to reuse the import template directly from your computer. However, we advise that you download it from the platform for each import. This guarantees that you work with the most recent version of the import template.
  • If you are integrating a large volume of accounts (more than 1,000 accounts): test the import with just a few lines of the file completed, to verify that it works correctly.


Manage Learners with groups and labels 

Maximize your training program participation rate by matching the right training programs with the right learners. Efficient user management makes it easy for you to identify the learners to enroll in each program.

  1. Create a group and personalize it to create a learning community
  2. From your platform settings, create labels and assign them to users
  3. When registering learners to your programs, you can select groups or apply labels.
Tip: are you hesitating between enrolling learners in a group or assigning them a label? Our experts have put together a guide to help you out.
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