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Creating training courses tailored to the Digital Age

In your opinion, how can one measure the success of an online training program?

Your online training is successful if your learners view it, finish it and use it as a platform for discussion. Two indicators are used to evaluate success: completion rate and engagement rate. The more relevant and well-presented your training content is, the higher these rates will be!

Nevertheless, the needs of your learners are constantly changing, and your training needs to adapt. Imagine the arrival of a new regulation that requires training your staff in a couple of weeks or the launch of a new product that you need to train your sales team on in just a few days. You need a collaborative tool to quickly create and adapt your training to meet digital standards.

Your authoring tool allows you to create courses inspired by digital consumption habits, to integrate and enrich your existing content (SCORM, PPT, videos, etc.) and to use innovative online creation tools. You have the educational expertise; the platform takes care of the rest!



Create an effective training course

To achieve high completion rates, your modules must contain a precise description, a consistent structure and be enriched with quizzes and social features.

The 360Learning authoring tool allows you to create courses that meet these requirements. Each course contains:


Tip: We recommend including 15 activities maximum per course to maintain learner attention.


Reuse existing training content

Directly integrate your existing resources (PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, PDF documents ...) into your courses on the platform.

  • Integrate documents from your computer (PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, PDF documents ...). You can add multiple documents to each course.
    • You can update your documents at any time from the course settings menu.
  • Add activities to enrich, or adapt, your training content.


For more information: make sure to check out our dedicated articles on documents and videos.


Enrich your courses with online resources

In 2016, a McKinsey report highlighted the role of new digital tools on learner engagement. In concrete terms: the more interactive the content, the more they generate a sense of inclusion ... and encourage information retention!

360Learning allows you to enrich your training with the best online tools:

  • You want to add a Youtube or Vimeo video? Simply get the video's URL and upload it as a document
  • Add any online resources to the platform using an embed code
  • For additional tips, check out our list of the best online creation tools
For more information: 360Learning works with an ecosystem of partners specializing in the production of digital content. Feel free to contact us for more information.
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