Distribute Learning Programs


Create and deploy your training sessions

The best training programs contain diverse pedagogical elements: virtual classes, face-to-face training, digital courses ... These different methods must be in a precise order to ensure training coherence and to benefit your learners as much as possible.

Your training programs may require a long-term personal investment from your learners. How to ensure that your learners complete training?

Your platform allows you to create training programs to explain the overall coherence of your training offer and establish a series of teaching methods to be carried out in the order you decide. Add reminder emails, certificates, or validation courses to maintain long-term learner investment in training. From your programs, share training sessions and directly assign them to learners.



Organize your training courses into programs

Create an engaging training program by combining your courses:

  1. Create a program template from the home page
  2. Customize your program: add a description, present the learning objectives, add topics and skills
  3. Build the structure of your program by adding your courses and other elements (webinars, face-to-face training ...)
Tip: Unable to customize the URL of a virtual class, the address or the date of a face-to-face training session? It’s totally normal! You can only add this information when you’re creating a session.



Best practices for creating a Blended Learning program:

  • Courses with a video presentation and a cover image tend to be viewed more by learners
  • Pacing your program: add reminder emails to encourage your learners, propose assessments to be validated by trainers or managers
  • Value learners by integrating a certificate at the end of the training program
Tip: Share your programs in the Coach’s library to allow coaches to effortlessly reuse them within their group(s).


Decentralize program management

Your platform authoring tool can be shared with a network of operational experts within your organization. This is the key to always having up-to-date training without needing to rely solely on expensive external providers.

Here are our best practices for decentralized management of your training programs: 

  • Give your internal experts a stage on which to share their knowledge! By naming them course authors or co-authors, you allow them to create courses with high added value. While traditional LMS authoring tools require months of training to be used, 360Learning's intuitive authoring tool allows users to quickly start working on the platform to focus on the essentials.
  • Name a team of Instructors in charge of running each training session. They can answer learners' questions via program newsfeeds and course forums.
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