Grow into a Champion

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Greetings, fellow Champion!

Champions make other people grow. You can share your expertise with others, help them improve, and transform your company into a learning organization. But do you? 

How do you, and others, know that you are making a difference?

Your platform helps you on your Champion's journey by giving you all the tools you need to craft high-quality courses, engage your fellow learners and show you who has the most impact. 



How to become the best Champion you can be

Growing into a Champion is all about helping others grow, and this is how you do it:



Create impactful courses


At the core of a great course, there is great material tailored to your learners' needs. Follow these simple steps to craft compelling courses:

  1. Define your teaching goals. What is the impact I'm looking for? Who is my target? Why should they play my course? How much time should they spend on it? Those questions will help you structure the course.
  2. Attend a dedicated Learning Engagement coaching 
  3. Ask for feedback from your peers or the L&D department. The best way to do so is to grant authoring rights on your course by making your proofreader co-author. 
  4. When you are done, let's share your course by hitting the Publish button! 🎉 

Fear not, when you hit publish, learners can't see your course just yet. When you have taken feedback and improved your course to perfection, it will be the job of the L&D team to share it for learners 

Pro tip: to get your course shared faster, ask your L&D departments for their proofreading guidelines to know how to get your course right the first time.



Follow-up with your Learners


Making an impact does not stop once your first course gets published. Good learning material triggers learners' reactions and feedbacks that you have to address.

How to proceed? 

  • Leverage your instant notifications to reply to comments from your learners
  • Check your weekly email notifications to access reactions you didn't already respond to. 
  • Review your learner reactions and answer their questions in the forums by playing the course again.
  • The dashboard will provide useful info about the scores of the questions, and where your learners are stuck. Use it to improve your course!
  • React to your learners' posts in the newsfeed by sending a like or commenting.



Become the Champion of the Leaderboard



The more learners you help, the higher you rank in the Leaderboard

Check your Home page to access the Leaderboard and access your ranking.

How to rank the highest on the Leaderboard? Earn more Achievements! Do your best at:

  • Getting the most courses published
  • Having as many learners finishing your courses as possible
  • Getting a lot of positive reactions to your activities
💡 Reach out to the most successful Champions in your team and ask them for tips or check their courses for inspiration.
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