Become a Learning Organization by empowering your Champions


Support your Emerging Champions

For your company to transition into a Learning Organization, you need as many successful Champions as can be! You know that you are on the right track when your number of Champions is going up, they are releasing more and more courses and their diffusion and completion rates are high.

But becoming a Champion is hard. It takes courage and confidence to decide to share knowledge by creating courses for other learners. How do I make sure that other learners will like my courses? Am I going to make mistakes? Will I be rewarded for my effort?

Your role as an L&D manager is to review your Champions' courses in a supportive way and share them when you know they are going to be successful. You also want to reward your Champions to keep them engaged. That is the secret sauce for a high number of Champions creating high-quality courses.


Best practices

The most successful L&D departments tend to follow these best practices:

Set up a no-frustration review workflow

Remember, you want to empower your Champions by coaching them, keeping them from sharing low-quality courses, all in a supportive way. Your platform helps you do just that by letting you review your Champions' courses before sharing them.

Pro tip: Timing is key to avoid frustration. You should aim at reviewing your Champions' courses in less than 7 days.

Here is our suggested plan of action:

  1. Empower newbie authors by giving them all the resources that will help them create courses that are compliant with your quality guidelines: corporate messaging, acronyms, core values, online resources... Anything that will help them create the best content in no time!
  2. Ask them to assign you as course Reviewer. You will be able to proofread the course and look for any inconsistency that could hinder readability.

  3. Share it fast (less than 7 days) by using the catalog, creating a program or adding it into a group's library


💼 Assigning course Reviewers is a feature that is only available with the 360Learning Leadership solution. For more information on the Leadership solution, click here.



Create a rewarding experience for your Champions

To motivate your Champions into sharing their knowledge, this experience should feel rewarding. Here are a few tips to help you do so:

  • Release all your Champions' courses at the same time, regularly. Let's build momentum around it!
  • Showcase the best courses and explain why you selected them to help other Champions improve.
  • How about rewarding them? Enroll your Champions into a "Content Creation" program and add a certificate or a badge at the end. By taking the program, they will feel rewarded for their achievement! It is also the perfect opportunity to ensure that your Champions follow the same training and create high-quality and follow your guidelines.
  • Share the love! Be vocal about your Champions' accomplishments: how about rewarding the ones who rank highest in the Leaderboard?
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