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Create and distribute your training sessions

As a member of the Training team, you know that your program is successful when it has a high completion rate.

Online training has added constraints compared to face-to-face sessions. How can you ensure that learners can easily find their training programs? How can you monitor their progress?

Your platform allows you to maximize course distribution by enrolling your learners in training sessions and the curating a training catalog with programs available in open access.



Assign your training programs to your learners 

If you have a list of learners for your training program, register them directly by creating sessions:

  1. Create a session from the program template
  2. Register your existing learners (groups or individuals), or fill in the email address of new users
  3. Create a dynamic by specifying session dates: an email will be sent at the beginning of the training program and you can generate targeted follow up messages based on learner progress.
  4. Finally, personalize the content of each session according to learner needs: presentation message, program Instructors, virtual class URL...


Here are our best practices for optimizing the session participation rate:

  • Integrate the session into a global communication plan: send a message before the start date that explains how to log in, regularly encourage learners with reminder emails and end with a feedback session.
  • Keep in touch with learners throughout the program to avoid sending impersonal reminders. For example, you can curate content related to training topics and share it in the group newsfeed.
  • Use the session's newsfeed to answer learner questions and keep motivation high!


Distribute your programs in open access via the catalog

You can also make your training programs available in open access via the catalog:

  1. Create a session from the program template
  2. From the Advanced Options session menu, add the session to the training catalog of your groups
  3. Target session availability by group to maintain top-notch completion rates
For more information: check out our dedicated article on the catalog.


Here are our best practices for optimizing training participation rates via the catalog:

  • Organize your catalog browsing by adding themes.
  • Structure groups before sharing sessions via the catalog: the better you identify your learners, the more likely you are to share sessions that interest them... and that they’ll actually want to start!
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