Analyzing and Exporting Training Data

360Learning allows you to efficiently manage your training programs and learning communities using a large selection of learning data.

To access these statistics, navigate to the Dashboard (accessible at the top of your platform)



This article goes over:

1 – Statistics: who sees what?

2 - Data accessible from your dashboard

3 - Exporting your training data

4 - How are metrics calculated?


1 - Statistics: who sees what?

Based on their role, users have access to different statistics: 

  • The owner and administrators have access to all platform statistics: learner, group, program and course statistics.
  • Authors have access to the statistics for the courses they’ve created (but not programs, unless they are also the coach of a group taking a program).
  • Coaches have access to the statistics for groups and learners they’re in charge of. They also have access to statistics for courses and programs assigned to their learners.
  • Advisors have access to the statistics of the courses they supervise.
  • Managers have access to the statistics of the learners they manage.
  • Learners only have access to their personal statistics.

Hey there! Need a quick refresher on platform roles? Check out this article


2 - Data accessible from your Dashboard

Use the left-hand Dashboard menu to access all platform data:



3 - Exporting your training data

All data, graphs and tables displayed in the dashboard can be exported in image or CSV format. The exported data is compatible with OPCA requirements.

For more information, read our dedicated article.

Click on the arrow icon Capture_d_e_cran_2017-03-23_a__16.22.40.png to download data in CSV format.

Select the granularity level of the export you want to download and click Download. You can filter data by date, member and group as well as by granularity (program, course, question, etc.).

For example, here we’ve chosen to export global platform statistics for all members and programs.



4 - How are metrics calculated?

Can I access the total number of platform connections?

On the platform, a connection can be tracked only when a user accesses a course. Therefore, we can’t calculate the number of users who simply connect to the platform homepage, for example.

How is the percentage in the Participation column calculated?

We add user progress in all sessions divided by (number of members multiplied by the number of courses in the program)

How is the overall score for a user calculated?

This is the overall score on the platform (programs, open-access sessions) for all answers the user has provided.

Why is there a difference between the total number of participants for a program and for a course in the program?

The number of participants for a program takes into account pending invitations, unlike courses.

What is the difference between session and connection?

  • "Session participants": indicates how many participants have at least one program for the given month
  • "Connections" graph: indicates the number of connections to a course (and not to the platform)
  • "Connection" number (box to the left of the "Session participants" graph) is the sum of connections over the past 12 months.

How is the total time spent for a member displayed on the member's page calculated?

This is the total time recorded on training sessions (all session – program or open-access sessions).

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