Create ultra-interactive videos with Adways



💼 Like all the tools featured in our list of online creation toolsAdways is an external resource which is not part of 360Learning. You may require to pay an extra license to use it. The article below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to embed this tool into your 360Learning platform. 


Adways is an online app that helps you create your own interactive videos. In a few clicks, you can break your video down into chapters or add hotspots to maximize Learner engagement.




Introducing Adways




Pedagogical Tips

Our experts in Digital Learning recommend you to use Adways to create:

  • Training programs on new internal tools (adding chapters will help Learners skip the parts they already know)
  • Product launches (inserting hotspots will redirect your Learners towards additional information)


💡Pro Tip: interactive videos are especially impactful if you are creating training material for the retail industry. They allow you to showcase new products while providing additional resources.


Free Trial & Pricing




Embed Adways into 360Learning


💼 In the example below, we have embedded a video using the Free Plan. 


To embed an Adways interactive video:

  1. In Adways Studio, hover over the document and click Publish


  2. A window pops up: fill in the name of the video, and click OK


  3. In Adways Studio, hover over the document and click Share


  4. Access the iframe tab


  5. Copy the embed code


  6. In your 360Learning platform, access the Training Programs menu


  7. Select course


  8. Add a document


  9. Go to the Paste an embed code section


  10. Paste the embed code into the address bar, and click OK


  11. Fill in the description and click SAVE

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