Create ultra-interactive videos with Adways

Adways is a very comprehensive solution, allowing you to create your own interactive videos online.

Carry out the free trial available here. Adways then operates on a licensing model, based on the number of videos edited per month, starting at $490 per month.

English and French available.



Using Adways with 360Learning is very simple!

What we liked



Adways is a very powerful tool that allows you to edit your videos online and make them interactive. The possibilities in terms of interaction are numerous: you can insert markers in any video which users can click on to obtain more information, or even directly insert questions in a video. Adways also allows you to cut up your videos into various sequences, and to easily navigate between them when they are being played.

Our clients particularly enjoy this latter feature, which allows learners to follow their training at a pace which is suited to their knowledge level in a particular area.

For example, a large group specializing in luxury items uses this feature to train new employees in the use of the tools that are used in-house. Learners can skip sequences about things they already know, and directly access the content of the video they are interested in.


Using Adways with 360Learning is very simple!

Once you are done with your video, click on "share", copy the "embed" link provided and paste it on 360Learning as shown below: 


What we liked:

  • The possibility of creating navigation in a video
  • The numerous creative possibilities 
  • The function allowing one to edit one's video in real-time
  • Motion tracking of a shape in the video
  • The analysis tool for the video's clicks

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