Correcting open questions

Open questions must be corrected by a program instructor. This article covers all topics related to correcting open questions on the platform:

1 - Validating an open question

2 - Accessing learners’ answers

3 - Accessing documents from learners

4 - Notifications related to open questions


1 – Validating an open question

Learners do not need to wait for a trainer to correct their open question in order to move on to the next course, unless a minimum score has been set.

When a minimum score has been set:

  • If the member has met the validation conditions at the end of the course, they will be able to continue to the next course, even if the open question hasn’t been corrected yet.
  • If the member hasn’t met the validation conditions, they’ll need to wait for the open question to be corrected in order to move on to the next course.


Tips & tricks: To verify that learners have thoroughly answered the open question before going further, don't hesitate to add an assessment step:

  •  Put your open question at the end of your course
  • In your program, add an assessment step after the course

As long as this step hasn't been validated by an Instructor or a Manager, learners won't be able to continue the program.


2 – Accessing learners’ answers

An open question must be corrected by a program trainer. The trainer is notified by email and a notification will also appear in the upper menu:


The learner’s answer is visible in the Dashboard > Corrections tab.

Platforms administrators or the owner can also correct open questions. They are considered “Other Reference Points” by default for all open questions created in their workspace.

If there are several reference points for a program, each reference point can access the corrections of another reference point in the , if they’ve corrected a question at the same time.

Once a reference point has corrected a question, it will no longer be visible in the questions to be corrected inbox. This way, two reference points will not correct the same question.  


3 – Accessing documents from learners

Trainers can access documents in the learner’s answers:

You must click on the document to read or download it (use the arrow icon): 

4 – Notifications related to open questions

  • The program instructor will be notified when a member answers an open question. They will receive the notification when the learner completes the course. Until the course is completed, the learner’s proposed answer will not be sent.
  • Members will be notified when an instructor has corrected their answer. A notification will appear in the upper menu:


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