Automatic re-enrollment on paths/subpaths with classrooms

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We are excited to introduce a new feature that allows users to automatically re-enroll their learners in paths. However, in this initial release, users cannot re-enroll learners in paths that contain classroom blocks.

Understanding the limitation

Currently, classrooms in our platform are designed to be completed only once and are bound by specific times. Supporting re-enrollment in classroom paths requires significant changes to our backend to handle multiple completions within the same path session. Additionally, this involves creating multiple sessions for the same classroom and refining the user experience for repeated enrollments.

Focus on simplicity

Our primary goal was to address the simpler use cases for paths without classroom or subpath blocks. Including these more complex scenarios would have significantly increased development time and delayed the release of this feature.

Customer insights

Our data indicates that most of our users who currently manage re-enrollment do so on paths without classroom or subpath blocks:

  • 20% of companies re-enrolling in paths included classroom steps, representing only 9% of total paths.
  • 14% of companies re-enrolling in paths included subpath steps, representing only 5% of total paths.

Future enhancements

We are committed to enhancing this feature and plan to support re-enrollment in classroom paths in future updates. Your feedback and continued use of the feature will help us make these improvements more effectively.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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