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May 14th, 2024 (v103)

Core product updates

Introducing the gallery widget on group pages

A gallery is a row of up to 3 image blocks in a group page. But a gallery is more than just images! It's a storytelling tool that allows you to curate a custom experience for your learners. Each image block is accompanied by a brief caption and a hidden link to an online resource. By adding a gallery to your group page, you can:

  • Create an engaging visual section to showcase images related to your brand.
  • Categorize the content of your group page by redirecting your learners to a filtered search results page or some new training content.
  • Guide your learners to relevant resources beyond your platform by adding a link to an external URL.
  • Enable direct communication between you and your learners by including a mailto link that allows learners to easily send an email from their own address to any recipient you specify.

Gallery widget.gif

Improved path assessments for managers

We’ve made some improvements to assessments for managers and learners.

Managers can now dive into detailed stats of a subpath, and the elements within that subpath, for a given learner to see if a learner had problems with a step.

Learners can see the status of each of their assessments from the path homepage.

CleanShot 2024-04-29 at 21.28.08.gif

New date filter for Paths custom reports: Add learner start date

To track which learners have started a given path within a specific date range, filter your Paths custom reports with the ADD LEARNER START DATE filter.

Skills, REVAMPED! — continued

The new Skills feature is being progressively deployed. You can find the basic features here →

Contact your Client Success Partner (CSP) if you want to activate it on your platform.

Other core product updates

  • We updated placeholder text when creating groups to better represent the feature.
  • We reworded the error message that appears when a group ID has the wrong format in the user CSV import (it’s now a popin detailing the exact problem, instead of a generic orange error message at the bottom of the screen).

Integrations updates

Update: OpenSesame connector

Before, when a learner launched an OpenSesame course from their 360Learning platform, the course was immediately marked as Completed in 360Learning, with a progress of 0%. We’ve updated this behavior to better reflect the completion status of the course in 360Learning.

Now, when a learner clicks START on the course homepage in 360Learning, the course is moved to the Ongoing section in the learner's homepage, with a progress set to 50%.

When the learner completes the course in OpenSesame, the course is marked as Completed and the statistics are updated in 360Learning in almost real time.

Globalization updates

Additional languages for translations

You can now translate your training content into Sinhala, Marathi, and Estonian.

Translated skills displayed in search filters

In the search results page, you can now see the Skills filter in your platform language instead of the default language (if the skill is available in your language).

Other Globalization updates

  • To allow for better readability, we have made some minor changes to the Manage Languages page for Skills, Courses, and Paths.

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