Validation steps

 Just as you can add blocks including a “course”, “email”, “webinar” or “attended class” you can also integrate a validation step to your program.

This allows the reference point or managers to verify that an element has been thoroughly understood before learners continue the program. For example, after an attended class, you can confirm whether or not a learner has correctly understood “management” skills.

1 - Add a validation step

2 - How a validation step works


1 - Add a validation step

From the program editing menu, click on the Validation section :


Next, configure the validation step:

  • Name of the element/skill to validate
  • Validation mode: if the validation step is in Evaluation mode, it must be confirmed and validated to obtain a certificate or LinkedIn certification
  • Role of the person validating the step: this could be the program Reference Point or the trainee’s Manager
  • Instructions for the person in charge of validation


2 – How a validation step works

If a program has a validation step, the trainee who reaches this point will have to wait for confirmation from the Reference Point or their Manager before being able to continue the program.

A notification will be sent to the person in charge of validating this step.

Once the step has been validated, the trainee(s) will receive an email and will be able to continue the program.

Please Note:  this step will not prevent an automatic email from being sent if it’s placed directly after.


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