Assessment steps

Assessment steps allow you to verify that learners have thoroughly completed/understood an item of the program before going further. Think of it as a checkpoint before taking of the rest of the training!

For instance, let's pretend that we're creating a program on how to use the 360Learning mobile apps. This program may include:

  • 1 e-learning course introducing the main features of the app
  • Next, a course asking learners to download the app
  • Then, an assessment to make sure that learners have installed the application. As long as this step hasn't been validated by the team, learners won't be able to resume the program.

In this article, we're going to know more about how validation steps work:

1 - Adding an assessment step in the program

2 - Setting up a validation step in the program

3 - Retrieving assessments 


1 - Adding an assessment step in the program

From the program editing menu, click on the Assessment section:



2 - Setting up an assessment step in the program

Hover your cursor over the image below to know more about the features of the assessment item:

If a program has a validation step, the trainee who reaches this point will have to wait for confirmation from the Instructor or their Manager before being able to continue the program.

A notification will be sent to the person in charge of validating this step.

Once the step has been validated, the trainee(s) will receive an email and will be able to continue the program.

Please Note: once the assessment has been corrected by the trainer, learners will be able to resume the program even if they've failed. 


3 - Retrieving assessments

You can find the list of assessments from the Dashboard > Corrections > Assessments menu:


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