How can I download learning analytics of a program ?

Your 360 Learning platform will keep you up to date with your trainees' overall progress on a program through learning analytics.

These sets of data are available in the Statistics menu. Statistics may be downloaded in delimited text format (CSV) if you wish to export/edit them.

N. B. : The report will open in a Excel sheet if you are using Office. 

Click on Get Started to watch our online tutorial on how to export learning analytics. To navigate the document, click on the "back" and "next" buttons.

First, head over to the Statistics menu (diagram icon)

Click on Programs

Select your program

Click the down arrow icon to initiate download

This menu allows you to select multiple options if you want to be a little more granular. Here, I narrowed the export down to one group


Click Download

Don't forget to confirm :)

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