I'm about to unsubscribe from 360Learning : what about the programs I've created ?

Last week, we received a question from a user which we thought might be interesting to share with you: 

A HR trainee within his company, his internship was coming to an end and he would subsequently lose access to his professional email address and 360Learning username. He wanted to know whether the modules he had created so far would be equally deleted from the platform. 

Fear not ! 

The programs/modules you've created won't be deleted from the platform, even if your email address no longer exists. You will still be marked as the program's referent, unless someone duplicates the program and assigns himself/herself as the new program's referent. 

The plateform's admin will be able to edit your modules. If you wish another trainer to be able to make changes to the content you've created, you will have to add him/her up as co-authors.



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