Your video conferences with Adobe Connect! 

What we liked:

  • Being able to share documents.
  • Being able to create "backstage rooms" where participants can communicate in small groups outside of a video conference.
  • Being able to add Adobe apps to access more features
  • An analysis tool provided to allow you to measure how your video conferences perform
  • Sophisticated recording and editing tools are also available


Adobe Connect is Adobe's online video conference solution. This very comprehensive, but very expensive solution is a reliable way to dispense your training remotely.


Ease of use




Interactivity of content


Interested? You can try out the free version here. Adobe Connect is then available from 500 Euros per year.

Learn more:

Adobe Connect is a very powerful video conferencing tool which includes different features, depending on which choice is made amongst the 3 available offers: Adobe Connect Meetings; Adobe Connect Learning; Adobe Connect Webinars.

These three types of offers reflect the possibilities that the Adobe solution provides:

  • Holding meetings in real-time, during which documents and screens can be shared;
  • Providing remote courses with a section for chat and interaction in real-time reserved to learners;
  • Holding public conferences with a dedicated url that is shared out. 

Many of 360Learning's clients have opted for Adobe Connect to carry out face-to-face training sessions or webinars and broadcast them live on the platform for a wider audience.

Ready to use Adobe Connect? Here is an example of its use!

Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

Once your video conference is complete, export it in video format and simply upload it to 360Learning as shown below:   


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