Create interactive and collaborative walls with Padlet! 

What we liked:

  • Being able to create walls in collaborative mode
  • The variety of available formats that can be integrated
  • The ease of use
  • Being able to receive notifications
  • Being able to edit content whenever you want to


Padlet is the modern version of the cork notice board. It is an online tool with which you can create interactive virtual walls, alone or with others, by adding images, audio, slides or videos to it.



Ease of use




Interactivity of content


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Padlet is a collaborative online tool which allows people to create and share virtual walls, and which is supported by most mobile, smartphone or tablet devices. Any wall you create can be configured fully and can be enhanced with video, image, audio or slide-based content.

The appeal of creations of this type is that you can give depth to your training contents by giving learners the opportunity to delve deeper themselves into a topic they are interested in.

Many clients use it in this context on the 360Learning platform. For instance, a company specializing in real estate uses it to train its collaborators in new legislation that is passed in the industry, by illustrating it with videos of interviews and with infographics.

An example of Padlet's use

 Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

Once your wall is complete, click on the sharing button and copy the "embed" link provided. Then, paste the link in 360Learning as shown below:

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