Create animated presentations with Prezi

What we liked:

  • "Wow effect" guaranteed
  • The ease of use of the tool
  • The numerous available templates
  • The zoom in and out exploration features
  • The infinite creative possibilities


Prezi is a very good alternative to Powerpoint for the creation of dynamic presentations. Ready-made templates allow users to familiarize themselves with the tool and to create quality presentations very quickly.



Ease of use




Interactivity of content


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Created in 2009, Prezi has established itself as a very good alternative to Powerpoint, thanks in part to its simple interface, which allows anyone to create neat, dynamic presentations. It is an ideal tool for those who are not comfortable in the use of the Microsoft tool and who wish to execute well-designed presentations thanks to the numerous templates on offer. There is another very useful feature for your training schemes: the zooming in and out, which allows you to either explore a specific point, or to adopt a broader viewpoint of the topic at hand.

Our clients make extensive use of this feature, because it encourages learners to explore content for themselves and dig deeper in certain areas. For instance, a company specializing in transport uses the format to train its marketing employees in issues relating to Big Data.


Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

Once your presentation is complete, click on the sharing button and copy the "embed" link provided. Then, paste the link in 360Learning as shown below:

  1. When your presentation is ready, click on the arrow at the bottom right, then click Share view linkScreen_Shot_2017-08-04_at_15.53.10.png

  2. Click Create new link

  3. Optionally, enter a name in the top field, then click Create link. You can now click Copy next to your newly generated link

  4. Copy the following code, and replace the green text with the link you just copied:
    <iframe width="550" height="400" src="your_view_link/embed" webkitallowfullscreen="1" mozallowfullscreen="1" allowfullscreen="1"></iframe> 
  5. Go back to your module in the 360Learning platform, and create a new document
  6. Copy the full code from step 4, and click OK

Be extra careful to have a single backslash ("/") in the code.


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