Create interactive timelines with Tiki Toki! 

What we liked:

  • The 3D timelines
  • No need to download software or create an Excel document
  • Being able to integrate images but also videos
  • Color code customization within the timeline
  • The collaborative creation mode


Tiki Toki is an online tool allowing anyone to create interactive timelines easily.



Ease of use




Interactivity of content


You like it? Try out the demo version for free, then upgrade to the paid version from $7.50 per month here.


⚠️ Only the paid version will allow you  to add Tiki Tokis to your platform ⚠️

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Tiki Toki is an online tool allowing anyone to create interactive timelines easily. Illustrate every key step of your timeline by adding an image, a video, text or even a Google maps location! The tool also makes it possible to create collaborative timelines to which several users are invited to participate.

Tiki Toki is very useful, as it allows you to illustrate your training and lets learners navigate through information across time. It is therefore ideal to explain a project, the history of a brand or of a product, for instance.

Many of 360Learning's clients use it in this particular context. For instance, a major group specializing in cosmetic products uses it to train its collaborators in the history of its various brands, by using timelines that include the information and illustrations needed to acquire an understanding of the brand's universe.

Ready to use Tiki Toki? Here's an example of what you can accomplish in just a few minutes!

Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

Once your Timeline is complete, click on the sharing button and copy the "embed" link provided. Then, paste the link in 360Learning as shown below:

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