Create interactive presentations and infographics with Genially

What we liked:

  • The ease of use and the intuitive nature of the interface
  • "Wow effect" guaranteed
  • The variety of formats that can be integrated
  • The templates that are provided to get started
  • The library containing animations, illustrations and geometric shapes


Genially is an online tool with which presentations, infographics, posters, mini-sites or even interactive guides can very easily be created.



Ease of use




Interactivity of content


Genially is a free tool, be sure to go an try it out for yourself by clicking here

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Genially is a free online tool allowing anyone to create interactive presentations or infographics easily. All you need to do is log in to the platform and customize an existing model or create your own project.

A library of animations, illustrations, transitions and geometric shapes is available to make using the tool easier.

Genially's interface is simple and intuitive, and it allows even the less creative among us to create professional-looking projects in just a few minutes. As well as the library from which you can select hundreds of images and shapes! You can also import images, videos and sounds from your computer or from other platforms, such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

One of Genially's main strengths is the feature allowing you to define interactive areas called hotspots, or buttons which make content appear when you hover over them.

Genially can therefore be very useful when very dense content is being taught.

Many of our clients use it in this context. For instance, a company specializing in the pharmaceutical industry uses it in its training schemes to explain complex ideas, as Genially allows learners to navigate themselves through content that seems important to them.


 Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

Once your presentation is complete, click on the sharing button and copy the "embed" link provided. Then, paste the link in 360Learning as shown below:


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