Create stylish, uncluttered presentations in just a few minutes with Haiku Deck

What we liked:

  • The ease of use and how intuitive the interface is
  • Over 1000 templates available
  • The idea of making slides less cluttered so they are easier to understand
  • The quality final finish
  • Being able to integrate YouTube videos


Haiku Deck is an online tool whose purpose is to make you rethink your presentations to turn them into something simple and pleasant to the eye.



Ease of use




Interactivity of content


Haiku Deck offers a free version. If you like it, you can then move on to the paid version from $10 per month here.

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Haiku Deck is an online solution which allows you to rapidly create very uncluttered and well-designed Powerpoint-style presentations. The use of Haiku Deck is similar to that of Powerpoint: you start by choosing a model (over 1000 available) and you fill it with your content using the appropriate inserts. The paid version also allows you to integrate YouTube videos to your presentations.

The idea behind Haiku Deck is to get you to rethink your material, so as to make it as simple and as visual-oriented as possible. This helps to make your training content more easily understood and more attractive for your learners, thus communicating key messages more effectively.

Many of 360Learning's clients use it in this particular context. For instance, a company specializing in human resources uses Haiku Deck to create clear and engaging presentations on the subject of workplace motivation - and it works! Courses that include a Haiku Deck presentation are often those with the highest completion rates. Coincidence :) ?

Example of the use of Haiku Deck


Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

Once your presentation is complete, switch to "preview" mode and click on the blue "embed" button. Copy the link provided and paste it on 360Learning as shown below:   

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