Create an animated video in less than an hour with Vyond



💼 Like all the tools featured in our list of online creation toolsVyond is an external resource which is not part of 360Learning. You may require to pay an extra license to use it. The article below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to embed this tool into your 360Learning platform. 


Vyond (previously GoAnimate) helps you create videos via cartoon-type activities. You can put together a compelling video in a few minutes using a library of templates and existing characters.




Introducing Vyond




Pedagogical Tips

Our experts in Digital Learning recommend you to use Vyond to create:

  • Training material based on storytelling
  • Usecases 


💡Add a voiceover to your video to generate even more engagement!


Free Trial & Pricing



Embed Vyond into 360Learning


💼 In the example below, we have embedded a video using the Business Essential plan.


To embed a Vyond video: 

  1. In the document settings, click the download icon


  2. Click Generate Video in HD (720p)


  3. In your 360Learning platform, access the Training Programs menu


  4. Select course


  5. Add a document


  6. You can drop a document or alternatively click OR SELECT A FILE 


    💡Videos are heavier than other documents. Uploading your video may take up to a few minutes.

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