Create an animated presentation in just 20 minutes with Powtoon !

What we liked:

  • The ease of use and how intuitive the interface is
  • The many available templates that help getting familiarized with the tool quickly
  • The wide range of creative possibilities: animation, sound, voice recording, transitions, gifs...
  • "Wow effect" guaranteed
  • Being able to go beyond templates and import your own files


A simple tool, with a free version on offer, to quickly and easily create animated presentations that can replace your Powerpoint presentations. This type of ultra-interactive format allows you to create creative and dynamic training content guaranteeing optimal learning.



Ease of use




Interactivity of content


You like it? Powtoon also has several paid versions on offer, starting at 19 Euros per month, available here

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Powtoon aims to replace your Powerpoint presentations with animated cartoon-style presentations. What it promises? Anyone can create a quality presentation in 20 minutes! The purpose of these animated presentations is to retain the attention of their audiences and to present ideas in a more visual fashion. This type of format is therefore ideal for training content such as the explanation of concepts or ideas.

At 360Learning, many clients like the tool's intuitive nature and most of all, the engagement this type of format generates. For instance, a company specializing in telecommunication uses it to train its marketing teams in issues related to social networks.

Ready to use Powtoon?

Take a look at this video, which explains the basic rules of how to familiarize oneself with the tool.


Using it with 360Learning is very simple!

 Once your presentation is complete, switch to "preview" mode and click on the blue "embed" button. Copy the link provided and paste it on 360Learning as shown below:    

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