SCORM : user guide

You will find below a list of issues that could arise relating to SCORM modules, along with ways to resolve them.

1 - The SCORM module's "close" button does not close the window. It does close the module's page in the 360Learning app, but the SCORM's window stays open.

Possible issue: Since this button is coded by your SCORM and the window is opened by your SCORM (as opposed to the "This module must be opened in a new window" function on the 360Learning platform), this module is not controlled by 360Learning. 
Important note: The "This module must be opened in a new window" function must not be used here, however. In javascript, we do not have the rights to any windows that we did not open. Your SCORM manages the opening of the window, and is therefore in charge of its closing.

2 - Progress is not being saved

Possible issue: The process is actually working properly. You must however use the SCORM's "quit" button. Your SCORM only sends the bookmarking data (including the place where you left off) when you click the SCORM's "quit" button. If you closed the window using the browser window's top right-hand corner cross, the module's progress data will not be transmitted to the 360Learning platform.

3 - The following error message is sometimes displayed: "LMS API not found"

Possible solution: You must activate "Always allow pop-ups on". If the browser blocks them and you select "Allow once", it will not work properly. The pop-up must be opened without the block (without interruption).

4 - The sounds of my SCORM module are not being played

Possible issue: The sounds of your SCORM package may be part of Flash (*.swf). This issue is therefore not linked to the 360Learning platform, and is probably caused by a browser Flash update. You can try using a different browser to try and circumvent the issue.

If the issue persists, contact the support department of the tool with which the SCORM module was created, or the service provider who created it. Sound and video issues are only linked to the browser and to the SCORM module's content (whether it is html5, Flash, etc.).

5 - My SCORM refuses to launch

Possible issue: Your SCORM may be trying to open non-secured content (i.e. HTTP rather than HTTPS). If the 360Learning platform is configured for HTTPS, the browser is blocking it for security reasons.
Configuring the platform for HTTP (in the advanced options) could resolve the issue.

6 - My SCORM module is not adapting to the size of the frame that I defined

Possible issue: The SCORM's content is not responsive and does not adapt to the size of its content. Unfortunately, 360Learning cannot have any bearing upon this issue. 

7 - In the context of a program, I am unable to go on to the course that follows the SCORM module

Possible issues:

- The SCORM module's *LMSFinish* function is not being called and the 360Learning platform cannot understand that the module is completed.
- The SCORM module does not apply the correct value for "cmi.core.lesson_status" (version 1.2). If the SCORM modifies the value for "cmi.core.lesson_status", it must set it to "completed" later on to indicate that the next course can be advanced to.


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