Why should you create groups?

Groups can be thought of as classes for your digital university. Having these different virtual classes allows you to adapt and customize content based on learner profiles.

We’ve listed below the 4 main advantages that working with learning groups offers:

1 - Simplified learner management

2 - Simplified program organization

3 - Consolidated results monitoring

4 - Create and foster a learning community


1 - Simplified learner management

Groups are a key tool to simplify the management of your platform members:

  • Invite and remove members at the same time, for example, at the beginning and end of a program
  • Bulk registration for a program
  • Follow-up with learners by group


2 – Simplified program organization

  • Facilitate training program planning
  • Make programs available to a set of learners


3 - Consolidated results monitoring  

  • Compare group statistics
  • Create global reports
  • Adapt training programs  


4 - Create and foster a learning community

  • A dedicated space for interaction: each group has their own page that you can customize
  • Adapted communication strategy: post relevant and targeted publications to the newsfeeds of each of your groups based on learner profiles.
  • Manage visibility: groups can be public or private
  • A team of trainers moderates exchanges within the group
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