What are the differences between the statistics for a program and those for a course?

As administrator or trainer (referent role), you can access statistics via the graph icon located to the left of your profile picture.

It is important to distinguish correctly between the data located in the Programstab and the data located in the Courses tab.

1 - Programs tab: Course played in the framework of a program

In the Programs tab, you will find all the programs published on the training space. You can select the one you are interested in.

In the statistics, you will find the results learners obtained on their first passage.
So if a learner decides to play one or several courses again, the course's results within the program will not change. The statistics that group together the results of all the attempts made at a course are collected in the Courses tab.

2 - Courses tab: Course played outside of a program

If you access the details of each course, you will find an average of the results of the passages for each learner (played in the framework of a program + outside of a program), as well as the total amount of time spent on each course.

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