Everything you need to know about Billing - 360Learning Starter

This article covers all billing-related questions for your nonbinding 360Learning Starter account, including:

1 – How does billing work?

2 – What’s included in the invoice?

3 - Who is considered an active platform user?

4 – How can I adjust and control billing?

5 – Budget estimation

6 - My direct debit payment did not go through: when will I be billed again?


1 – How does billing work?

You will be charged 8 euros / per month / per active user on the platform. Billing works in monthly cycles that start and end on the same date. This date is specific to your account and depends on the date you subscribed to the Starter offer.

For example, I'm billed on the 8th of each month (because I created my account on the 7th and there is a 24 hour period between the account activation date and the billing date). Invoices will be sent on the 8th of each month and you will pay according to the number of active platform users from the 8th of the previous month to the 8th of the current month.

Your monthly invoice will be sent to you by email on the date that marks the beginning of a new monthly billing cycle.


2 – What’s included in the invoice?

In your monthly invoice of 8 euros / per month / per active user, all of the following services are directly included as soon as your account is activated:

  • Unrestricted access to all features of our cutting-edge digital platform (unlimited number of courses and programs created on your platform)
  • Unlimited access to our online learning School Program to help you get your project up and running (over 1,000 organizations have been trained in Digital Learning techniques)
  • Priority invitations to our coaching workshops organized on a regular basis by our Starter team that will make you a Digital Learning expert and contribute to the success of your project
  • Access to 360Learning email Support so that you can ask any operational platform questions you might have

As a platform Administrator, you are considered a platform user. Your minimum monthly invoice amount will therefore be 8 euros.


3 – Who is considered an active platform user?

 An active user is a user that you've sent a platform invitation to and who has activated their account by creating a password.

You will be charged for all users that have an account (or had an account - even for a short period) on your platform during a given monthly billing cycle.

Users with pending invitations, meaning users that have been invited to the platform but haven't yet created their accounts, are not taken into account for billing purposes (once they have activated their account, they will be included in the invoice).


4 – How can I adjust and control billing?

 To check the dates of your billing cycle, login to the platform:

  • Hover over your profile picture in the top right corner of your home page
  • Click on My Workspace > Settings in the drop-down menu
  • Choose the Billing tab.

Knowing your billing cycle dates can help you decide when to activate / disable users based on when you would like them to be included in a monthly invoice. You have complete control over your billing!

To learn how to invite users to your platform, check out our dedicated article.

You can disable user accounts whenever you want. Disabled accounts are not included in your monthly invoice. A disabled account is a user account that has been deleted (learn how to disable accounts here).

You can reactivate a disabled user at any time! You simply need to re-invite users to your platform. You'll recover all of their learning statistics.


March 8th, the start of my monthly billing period*, the invoice I receive will include all members who had an account between February 8th and March 8th.

  • Members with disabled accounts on February 7th will not be included in the invoice
  • Members with disabled accounts on March 7th will be included in the invoice.
  • A member added on March 7th and* deactivated on March 9th will be included in the invoice for 2 months - March 8th and April 8th!
  • To avoid being charged twice, make sure to disable user accounts before the start of a new billing cycle. In this example, no later than March 7th (before midnight).

Please Note: The new billing cycle starts as soon as you receive the invoice for the previous month.


5 - Budget Estimation

Example 1: I want to train 10 people in January. I register these 10 participants and I'll be charged 80 euros at the end* of my billing cycle for these 10 learners.

Example 2: In February, I want to train 3 new people (who were not part of the first group) and the group of January learners no longer needs access to my e-learning platform, at least for the next few months. I temporarily suspend the accounts of the 10 users from January and register the 3 learners for February. I'll be charged 24 euros at the end of the month for these 3 trainees.

I can of course reactivate the account for these 10 learners within the next 6 months and all of their learning data (statistics, history, etc.) will remain intact.


6 - My direct debit payment did not go through: when will I be billed again?

Should a direct bank debit payment be refused ("Payment declined for invoice"), a second payment attempt will be made approximately 2 days later, with a maximum of 5 attempts.

In total, you have approximately 10 days to update your payment card before the account is deleted.

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