How can I activate and customize my public channel?

360Learning allows you to distribute your courses and make your offer known to the public by way of the public channel.

This personalized channel enables you to make any courses you choose freely-accessible on the Internet, so they can be shared on social networks or communicated to your clients or prospects.

To activate and personalize your Public channel, please follow these steps:

  • hover over your profile picture and click on Settings and Members
  • select the Public channel heading in the My workspace section

Once your public channel is activated, you can add a cover image, a presentation video, fill in contact information, and most importantly, select the training courses you wish to share. 

You can view your public channel via the icon at the top of the page or by clicking on "Public channel" in the menu that appears when you hover over your profile picture.

Finally, you can choose who to communicate your public channel's URL to 

(see: how can I customize my public channel's URL?)

An account on the platform is not required to access the public channel.

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