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As part of the path migration, we are phasing out Public channels.

  • Public channels are no longer available for new platforms.
  • If a Public channel is activated on your platform, you can still use it.

You can promote programs and courses through your Public channel. Your Public channel URL is public: everyone can access it (even without a 360Learning account).

  1. In the left sidebar, click on the platform group.
  2. At the top right of the group page, click settings.svg Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Public channel.
  4. On the left of the title "Public channel", select the check box.

Once your public channel is activated, you can add:

  • a cover picture (recommended size: 1440x480 pixels);
  • a tagline;
  • a description of your business;
  • contact information for your training organization;
  • links to your website or social media;

You can now add sessions to your Public channel, and access your Public Channel by clicking on the platform group, then Public channel.

The section Coaches of your Public channel displays the list of all Administrators, Coaches and Authors of your platform group.


How can I get a better ranking in search results?

The Public channels are referenced and evaluated by Google, including all the text contained in the courses. To better reference your Public channel, that is to say to have a better ranking in Google's search engine and appear on the first page, it is necessary that a lot of web traffic and links point to the page in question.

It is preferable to have links from different domain names, different types of sites (news, blogs, forums, institutional sites...). The sites from which your links come positively qualify your referencing if you have links from sites recognized by search engines.

To summarize, the position of a page in Google depends of :

  • the number of incoming links to your Public Channel
  • the ranking of the pages in question (which point to your Public Channel).
  • textual content (ease of understanding by an algorithm, relevance of keywords...)

A customer could for example write an article on his blog about your services or add you on his page. Your trade union, federation, or group could also offer a link to your page.

Can I change the URL address of my Public channel?

No. The public channel acts as a Marketplace portal (like Etsy or Amazon), and we do not offer the possibility to change its unique identifier.

You can, however, use link editors (like bitly) to choose the URL you wish to communicate publicly.

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