How to customize my address ?

There are two ways for customize your URL : 1) using your 360Learning address 2) customize the URL.


1) By default your address is You can modify this "app". Go to psettings & members > my workspace > general : 

2) You can also cutomize the URL and erase the "360Learning". Go to psettings & members > my workspace > general : 

FIRSTLY, you must choose the subdomain where you want to redirect your learners, for example, the subdomain "elearning".

If your website is:

Select for example :

Be careful, it's not possible to select a URL type like : http://my-website/elearning.

To begin, you must configure your domain to direct users to the right place.
In order for your domain name to point to the correct server (the one that hosts your website), you will need to configure its DNS.

To do this, go to the back office of your host or your registrar (the place where you registered your domains). Locate the DNS section.
In this section, you need to create a new CNAME entry. This CNAME redirection is to point your subdomain, to subdomain

Here's how OVH, 1and1 and Gandi works :

1 - OVH :

Congratulations, your redirect is in place.

It may be 24 hours to propagate the DNS on the Internet, be patient !

2 - 1and1 :

Start by selecting your subdomain (the one you want to figure your elearning space), and then choose "Change DNS", as shown here :

Then :
    select CNAME
    press "Enter"

Finally, you should log to your 360Learning account.
Click on gearwheel at the top right corner of the screen and select General, in My workspace.
Then, enter the full URL to the subdomain question like this:

2 - Chez 1and1 :

Commencez par sélectionner votre sous-domaine (celui sur lequel vous voulez faire apparaître votre espace elearning), puis choisissez “Modifier les DNS”, comme indiqué ici :


Ensuite, comme indiqué dans l’écran suivant :

  • choisissez CNAME
  • écrivez
  • cochez la case
  • appuyez sur “Valider”


Vous pouvez maintenant personnaliser l'URL de votre plateforme. Pour ceci, depuis la page d'accueil de votre espace 360Learning :

  • au survol de votre photo de profil, cliquez sur Paramètres et membres
  • dans la partie "Mon espace", cliquez sur "Général"
  • sous "Personnalisez votre URL", insérez votre URL

3 - Gandi :


NB : Using a customised URL won't let you connect to the platform with https. 

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