What visual elements can I customize within my training space?

360Learning enables you to customize numerous visuals when using the platform, so you can create your own dedicated training space.
For instance, you can edit the visual elements for a group (logo, cover picture) in order to create a personalized community space for its members.

Customizable features and optimal dimensions

Please find below the list of visuals you can edit:

  • Logo for the space: 125x50
  • Favicon : 16x16 or 32x32
  • Profile picture: 106x106
  • Group logo: 125x50
  • Group cover picture:1440x480
  • Program cover picture: 1440x480
  • Profile cover picture: 1000x370
  • Course cover picture: 1100x470
  • Public channel cover picture: 1000x370
  • Catalog cover picture: 1000x370

There are two types of images on the platform: those that have a fixed size, and those whose display varies according to the size of the screen. The latter images are called responsive. In both cases, the ratio is preserved.

In the case of responsive images, the user will be able to view the training space using a wide variety of devices (tablet, PC) and retain the same degree of visual comfort.

Fixed images include the following: logo, favicon, profile picture, group and program cover picture. These can be larger than the sizes indicated above, so long as the ratio is preserved.

Responsive images include the following: cover picture of a profile, of a course, of a public channel and of a catalog. The purpose of these visuals is to enhance the aesthetics of the page. Depending on the size of the screen, the image may not appear in full, therefore it is preferable to select images without text and that do not contain significant visual elements around the edges.

In the case of responsive images, we recommend you use visuals that have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.

You also have the option to directly select one of the images suggested by the platform.

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