How can I add a course/webinar/face-to-face session to a program in progress?

To add a course/webinar/face-to-face session to a program in progress, go to that program.

Important note: if a learner has already completed the program, it will no longer be possible to edit this program, and it will therefore not be possible to add a course.

If a learner started on the program, you can only edit the parts that have not yet been played.

To do this, access its settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the top right area of the screen:

From there, you can add a course/webinar.face-to-face session to the program, the same way you do when you create a program.

Once the program is created, it is no longer possible to edit the list and the order of the courses that have been added.

You can however duplicate the program by clicking on "Program" and "Duplicate an existing program".


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