How can I publish a program on my public channel?

Once you have created and published a program, you can make it publicly available on the Internet, by publishing it on the public channel of your 360Learning workspace.

There are two ways to do this:

1 - Hover over your profile picture and click on Settings and members

Click on Public channel under My workspace

Once the public channel is activated, you can select the programs you wish to share by scrolling down the page.

Organize the programs that are visible on your public channel. To add or remove a program from the public channel, go to that program's advanced options. 

2 - Once you have completed the creation of your first program, select it and click on the cogwheel located in the top right area of the screen.

Drop down the "Advanced options" menu and check "The program is visible on the public channel".

Enter the price per user.

Check the "The first course is freely-accessible" option.

Please note: to find the address you can give to your prospects/clients in order to showcase your e-learning offer: 

Go to your public channel or to a program/course published on your public channel and copy/paste the relevant URL. 

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