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The Edflex connector synchronizes the following:

  • Edflex content (courses, videos, podcasts, and articles) as 360Learning courses.
  • Edflex categories as skills in 360Learning.
  • Learners' statistics for Edflex courses into 360Learning.

The connector is deployed on a given group in 360Learning. This target group can be the root group of the platform or any other group. If the target group has public subgroups, learners in public subgroups can access the content in the catalog of the target group.

EdFlex integration overview

EdFlex content synchronization

Every day, at 8:00 AM Central European Time (UTC+1), the Edflex connector is launched to synchronize the Edflex content into your 360Learning platform.

Synchronized Edflex content is represented as 360Learning courses. They can be searched, filtered, and added to programs, paths, group catalogs, and libraries.

By default, courses appear in a dedicated Edflex section in the catalog of the group where the connector is deployed. This section can be deleted.

Courses imported from Edflex cannot be modified or deleted in 360Learning. The only way to delete them is to deactivate the connector. Once the connector is deactivated, all imported content is archived. For this reason, it is better to deploy the connector on a dedicated group and then spread the desired content manually.

Skills synchronization

If you enable the skills synchronization, the Edflex connector adds Edflex content categories as skills to the synchronized courses in 360Learning. These skills are added to the 360Learning platform and can be used like any other skill.

Any skill manually added to Edflex content is deleted at the next synchronization.

Statistics synchronization

Every day, at 8:20 AM Central European Time (UTC+1), the Edflex connector is launched to synchronize the Edflex statistics into your 360Learning platform.

When a learner launches a course from 360Learning, the course is marked as Completed, and the progress is set to 0%. The connector synchronizes all statistics during the following synchronization.

For each course, the following statistics are retrieved:

  • Learner email
  • Course ID
  • Completion date
  • First activity
  • Last activity
  • Progress:
    • 100% if the content is marked as "completed" in Edflex.
    • 50% if the content is marked as "in progress" in Edflex.
    • 0% otherwise.
  • Time spent in milliseconds

The following conditions must be met for Edflex statistics to be synchronized with your 360Learning platform:

  • Users must be logged in Edflex when playing Edflex courses.
  • Users must use the same email address on both Edflex and 360Learning.

The statistics about courses played on Edflex before the connector gets deployed on your 360Learning platform are retrieved.

Playing Edflex content on the 360Learning platform

On the 360Learning platform, learners who click START on the course homepage are redirected to the Edflex platform. From there, they can play the course if they have the required permissions.

When some Edflex content is part of a program or path in the 360Learning platform, launching the content redirects the learning on Edflex and will instantly allow the learner to start the next program block or path step, regardless of what is being done on Edflex or the external website.

Content property mapping





Course external ID


Content title

Course title


Description and syllabus

Course's summary of presentation



Course thumbnail and cover picture. Depending on the availability on the given course, the connector retrieves:

  • image.bigUrl
  • image.mediumUrl
  • image.smallUrl



Launch URL



The connector synchronizes the content with th following status:

  • coming soon
  • open all year
  • opened

Content with other status is either archived (if previously synchronized into 360Learning) or ignored (if not synchronized previously).


Categories name







  • 1 Introductive
  • 2 Intermediate
  • 3 Advancd


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Creator name and platform name




Content type. The connector supports articles, Mooc, Podcast, and Video.



Estimated duration, in minutes.



Language. If not specified, the connector uses the language of the connector owner.



Skill (if Enable skills synchronization is selected when setting up the integration)


Set up the Edflex integration

Step 1: Contact Edflex

Contact your Edflex representative and request the following items:

  • Access to the API on your Edflex portal.
  • Edflex credentials:
    • Client ID
    • Client secret

Step 2: Contact us

Email your Customer Success Partner (CSP) or Solution Architect (SA) to request the activation of the Edflex connector on your 360Learning platform, with the following 3 items:

  • Connector name: Edflex
  • Target group ID (see Find the ID of a group): the Edflex content will be added to the catalog of that group. If you choose the platform group, all users in public groups can see the content. You may want to create a private group for this synchronization.
  • The email of a user with author or administrator permissions on the group, who will become the author of the courses in 360Learning.

Step 3: Configure the Edflex integration

Once you've received confirmation that the Edflex connector is activated on your platform, you can set up the Edflex integration on your 360Learning platform.

Prerequisites: Contact your Edflex customer success manager to get your id and secret.

  1. On the 360Learning platform, in the left sidebar, click on the group where the connector was activated.
  2. At the top right of the main section, click settings.svg Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  4. Click Edflex.
  5. In Client ID, enter the id communicated by your Edflex customer success manager.
  6. In Client secret, enter the secret communicated by your Edflex customer success manager.
  7. In Organization Name, enter your Edflex organization name.
    For example, if you usually access Edflex through, then your organization name is mycompany-portal.
  8. If you want to add Edflex content categories to the synchronized Edflex content in the 360Learning platform, as skills, select the check box Enable skills synchronization.
  9. On the bottom right, click SETUP INTEGRATION.
  10. When prompted, click CONTINUE.

Courses will appear in the catalog the following day.

Deactivate the connector

The synchronization will stop and all synchronized courses will be archived. You will keep all the learning data that has already been synchronized.

  1. In the left sidebar, click on the group where the connector was activated.
  2. At the top right of the main section, click settings.svg Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Integrations.
  4. Click Edflex.
  5. On the bottom right, click DEACTIVATE.
  6. When prompted, click CONFIRM.
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