What is offline mode and how do I activate it?

Offline mode is available on 360Learning applications (Android and iOS).

It allows you to make courses available to learners on smartphones and tablets when they do not have an Internet connection, therefore bypassing network connectivity issues.

Find out how to use Offline Mode in this article:

1 - Activating offline mode for a training course

2 - Using offline mode on 360Learning applications


1 – Activating offline mode for a training course

As an author, you must first verify that your training course is compatible with offline mode. The following items cannot be read without an Internet connection and therefore are not compatible with courses in offline mode:

  • Outlines or questions imported from another course
  • Links to external sites
  • Documents integrated into a course but hosted on an external website: for example, ThingLink and Padlet content, integrated with embed links cannot be used in offline mode. If you are unsure if a document is compatible, check out our dedicated article - Tools available on mobile devices in offline mode.
  • Ordered questions


When your course is ready, here is how you can make it available to your learners in offline mode:

  1. From the course editing menu, navigate to the general information section
  2. ... and select advanced options.
  3. Check the Offline access on shared mobile devices option


2 – Using offline mode on 360Learning applications

When using the 360Learning Android or iOS app, offline mode will be activated automatically if you have a poor network connection.

Beforehand, you must simply download courses that are available in offline mode. The process is similar on both the Android and iOS app:

  • From the app, navigate to the Settings menu
  • Activate Shared Mode, which launches the download of courses on the authorized device
  • A notification will let you know when downloading has finished: your courses will be available in offline mode, as long as the shared mode is activated.

Once in offline mode, the learner has access to a light version of the application: only their Catalogue is available with the courses accessible in offline mode.

All other features, that require an Internet connection, are not visible. 

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