Download courses and programs on the mobile app to play them offline

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You can download courses or programs on the mobile app, to play them without internet connection.

The following elements cannot be played offline.

  • cheat sheets or questions imported from another course;
  • links to external websites;
  • documents integrated in the course, but hosted on an external site (for instance, with an Iframe or an embed code);
  • opinion questions.

Download a course on the mobile app

  1. From the mobile app, open a course
  2. Below the cover image, enable the option Download

Download a program on the mobile app

  1. From the mobile app, open a program
  2. Above the list of courses, enable the option Download

How are stats synchronized from an offline course? 

Stats of a course played offline are uploaded to the platform only when the Learner has finished the course.

If a Learner starts a course in offline mode, then starts it again from the web platform before the stats are synchronized, only the attempt made on the web platform is kept.

If you observe synchronization problems, try the following actions:

  • deactivate, then reactivate mobile data (if applicable, also the Wi-Fi connection);
  • close the mobile app, then open it again;
  • start a new course with the mobile data enabled.

Do not uninstall the mobile app! This would delete all stats that are stored locally.

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