Welcoming learners and trainers

In this article, we’ll go over:

1 - Best practices for welcoming members to your platform

2 – Trainee integration


1 – Best practices for welcoming members to your platform

Organizations have different ways of presenting the platform and programs to their trainees:

  • An introduction program that explains e-learning, how to navigate the 360Learning platform (including tutorials) and learning outcomes
  • An explanatory course integrated into the first program
  • A welcome message for groups to explain the initiative
  • A hardcopy guide for the first time they connect to the platform, especially helpful if learners do not have personal email addresses.

These different platform introduction methods can of course be combined.

It’s especially helpful to specify the following points:

  • How to connect (and log out!) to the platform
  • Training program objectives
  • Different ways of interacting on the platform (forums, best practices)
  • Potentially also include recommendations on how often learners should log on to the platform (weekly?) and when (the morning? late afternoon? during a break?)

We also recommend preparing a message for managers and group trainers that specifies:

  • Ways of interacting with learners
  • Reminders messages that should be sent when programs are not being followed
  • Learning analytics and how they should be leveraged, etc.


2 – Trainee integration

You’ll find below links to video tutorials for your learners on how to use the platform: 

You can also find these tutorials on Youtube.

These tutorials can be included at the beginning of a course, or even be as a platform introduction program for your e-learning course.

You can also send these videos separately.

Also, don't hesitate to give them a copy of our Learner's Guide which you can access here.

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