Purchasing process via your Public Channel

 On the 360Learning MarketPlace, several actions are possible for visitors: 

1 - Information request from the Public Channel or from the program page

2 - Registration request for a free program

3 - Purchase a paid program

Please Note: To perform any of these actions, you’ll need to log in (or create an account if you don’t already have one). Your login information will allow the administrator to contact you, need be.


1 – Information request

Using the Public Channel URL or via a program available on the Public Channel, a visitor can ask  for information. An email is sent to owner account. 


2 – Registration request

If the price of a public program is 0€, visitors can send a request to be registered in the program. 

If the training organization accepts the request, an administrator must manually add the trainee to the corresponding program.


3 -  Purchase a paid program

If the program price is more than 0€, visitors can pay online by credit card (using MangoPay):

  1. The visitor selects the desired quantity
  2. Purchaser provides required “legal” information (first and last name, status, etc.)
  3. Payment is made by credit card via MangoPay.
  4. A purchase confirmation will be sent and:
    1. If the visitor has exceeded a given purchase volume during the past year (2500€), an email will be sent asking them for additional legal documents. Only after receipt of these document and validation via our online payment module will they be able to proceed to the next step.
    2. An email is sent to the seller to notify them that a purchase was made. An entry will be created on the platform (Dashboard > Public Channel > Sales) for the training organization and buyer. They can communicate need be.
    3. An invoice is issued by 360Learning on behalf of the training organization and sent to the buyer (a copy is also sent to the training organization).
    4. If this is the training organization’s first sale (and they have not yet provided a RIB or Bank Information), an email will be sent. After receiving this information, bank details or RIB will be added to the online payment module.
    5. If the total transaction amount for the training organization exceeds 1000€ during the last one-year period, an email will be sent asking for additional legal documents. After receipt of these documents, they are submitted to the online payment module for validation.
    6. The seller takes note of the purchase
    7. The trainee follows the program.
    8. On the 1st of each month, 360Learning sends an invoice to the training organization with the amount of fees charged for the previous month.
    9. On the 15th of each month, if a RIB/Bank details are saved and the KYC documents (additional documents requested if the training organization has sold over 1000€ worth of training content over the past one-year period) have been validated, a transfer is sent to the training organization’s bank for the training content sold / transactions for the previous month.

Following the purchase of a paid program, 360Learning and the training organization share revenue as follows:

  • 70% for the content creator / 30% for 360Learning if the buyer was redirected to content through 360Learning’s marketing actions.
  • 85% for the content creator / 15% for 360Learning (user licence free of charge) if the training organization found the buyer via their own distribution channels.
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