🏆 🎓 Gamification and Badges

Gamifying training helps drive participant engagement by creating playful, even competitive, aspects similar to those used in video games.

360Learning offers you the possibility to award skill badges. You control what badges are awarded and under what conditions.

This article covers all features related to skill badges: 

1 - Creating a badge

2 - Editing a badge

3 - Deleting a badge

4 - Finding learners based on the badges they’ve unlocked


1 – Creating a badge

To create a skill badge, navigate to the Trainings > Badges menu:

  • Click on the Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_17.01.21.png button
  • Fill in the information regarding the badge: name, related topic(s), requirements


 Did you know? A single skill badge can be awarded via multiple associations of courses and modules. For instance, a learner can obtain a badge upon completing 3 courses (A, B, C) OR 1 program and 2 courses (D, E and F). Click on the + button to add a new combination!


Here, we’ve created a Mobile App Expert📱 skills badge that will be unlocked after having successfully completed 2 specific courses and 1 program OR 1 course and 1 badge.


Badges will be visible on the learner's profil page:



2 – Editing a badge

Badges can be edited at any time on the platform. To edit a badge, return to the badges section in the Trainings > Badges menu and click on the bade you want to edit.


3 – Deleting a badge

To delete a badge, return to the badges section in the Trainings > Badges menu and click on the X icon next to the badge:




4 – Finding learners based on the badges they’ve unlocked

Find learners based on the skill badges they’ve been awarded from the Dashboard > Skills > Badges menu.

Click on the line corresponding to the desired badge and you’ll access the list of trainees that have been awarded this particular badge. 

Also, you can download a .CSV file with the results.

Did you know? You can also sort badges by groups. Go the Dashboard > Groups > Badges menu!


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