ūüŹÜ Gamification: Badges and Challenge mode

Gamification techniques help drive participant engagement by creating playful, even competitive, aspects similar to those used in video games.

Two features are available on your 360Learning platform to generate gamification: skill badges and Challenge mode.



Create a badge

Important: only admins of the group that represents your company (i.e. "generic group") can create badges. Admins of the subgroups you have created will not be able to create badges.

To create a skill badge, navigate to the Trainings > Badges menu:

  • Click on the¬†Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_17.01.21.png¬†button


  • Fill in the information regarding the badge: name, skills (optional),¬†requirements


Did you know? A single skill badge can be awarded via multiple associations of courses and modules. For instance, a learner can obtain a badge upon completing 3 courses (A, B, C) OR 1 program and 2 courses (D, E and F). Click on the + button to add a new combination!


Here, we‚Äôve created a Mobile App ExpertūüďĪ¬†skills badge that will be unlocked after having successfully completed 2¬†specific courses and 1 program OR¬†1 course and 1 badge.


ūüĒ•Important:¬†Selecting a program in the Requirements will deliver the badge to users who have finished a¬†session of this program. Check that all sessions from the selected program correspond to the current program template. A learner who has finished any session from this program will be awarded the badge, even if the session corresponds to an older version of the program template.


Edit a badge

Badges can be edited at any time. To edit a badge, return to the badges section in the Trainings > Badges menu and click on the badge you want to edit.


Delete a badge

To delete a badge, return to the badges section in the Trainings > Badges menu and click on the X icon next to the badge:




How do learners get badges?

A badge is received automatically after a program or a course required is validated by a learner.

Note: If the required course is in training or evaluation mode with a minimal score set, the badge will only be unlocked after the course validation:

  • Training mode course failed: the learner has to retry the course in order to validate it and have the badge unlocked
  • Exam mode course failed: the learner will not receive the badge.

Badges will be visible on the learner's profil page:



Track learners who have unlocked a badge

Find learners based on the skill badges they’ve been awarded from the Dashboard > Skills > Badges menu.

Click on the line corresponding to the desired badge and you’ll access the list of trainees that have been awarded this particular badge.

Also, you can download a .CSV file with the results.



Challenge mode

In Challenge mode, learners are competing against each another. They only have one attempt to take the course and will be ranked according to their speed and score.

Set up a course in Challenge mode

Everything takes place during the program creation phase!

  • Start by creating a new program template
  • Next, add a new e-learning course:


  • Once the course is added, select the Challenge mode:


  • If you want, you can add other courses. Next, let's publish the program!

Once the program template, we can create a session for the program.

  • To do so, click on the "+" icon in the Session box (left-hand side of the screen):


  • Next, you have to set up the course within the session: if you want, you can select a release date. Please note: it's not possible to set up a minimum score nor a minimum/maximum¬†time. After all this is a Challenge :)


Demo time: how learners go through a course in Challenge mode

Watch the video below to find out what it's like for learners to take a course in Challenge mode!


Retrieve statistics for courses in Challenge mode

To access the course statistic, head over to the Dashboard > Sessions menu, and choose the session.

Next, to get the final ranking, you need to access the IndividualResults section. Then, filter the results in increasing order (from the lowest to the highest score) by clicking on the Score tab. Learners will be ranked according to their score, and in case of equal scores, according to their time. 


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