Find out more about Gamification

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Gamification techniques help drive participant engagement by creating playful, even competitive, aspects similar to those used in video games.

3 features are available on your 360Learning platform to generate gamification: Challenge mode, Achievements, and the Leaderboard. 




Find out more about Paths


Create a Path

To create a Path:

  1. On your Homepage, click Dashboard
  2. Click Paths
  3. Click + 
  4. Fill in the Path description:
    1. Title
    2. Image (you can browse through an online image bank, or upload your own image as long as the file is larger than 150x150 px)
    3. Skills
    4. Requirements
  5. Fill in the Path settings, then click SAVE


Edit a Path

You can edit Paths at any time.

To edit a Path:

  1. On your Homepage, click Dashboard
  2. Click Paths
  3. Select the Path you wish to edit and click the pencil-shaped icon
  4. Edit Path settings, then click SAVE 

Delete a Path

To delete a Path:

  1. On your Homepage, click Dashboard
  2. Click Paths
  3. Select the Path you wish to delete and click the bin-shaped icon

🤓 Once the Path is deleted, it will no longer be visible on the learners' profile.


Complete Paths

Learners complete Paths automatically after they have completed the Path's requirements. 

🤓 If the required course is in Training or Exam mode with a minimal score, the Path will only be unlocked after the course validation:

  • Training mode course failed: the learner has to retry the course in order to validate it and have the Path unlocked
  • Exam mode course failed: the learner will not receive the Path.


Track learners who have unlocked a Path

You can find learners based on the Paths they’ve been awarded from your Dashboard. 

To do so:

  1. From your Homepage, go to the Dashboard
  2. Click PATHS
  3. Click the corresponding Path to access the list of users who have earned it



Find out more about the Challenge mode


In Challenge mode, learners are competing against each other. They only have one attempt to take the course and will be ranked according to their speed and score.


Set up a course in Challenge mode

To add a course in Challenge mode:

  1. On your Homepage top banner, click Dashboard > Program templates 
  2. Select a program template
  3. In the program settings, go to the desired course and activate the Challenge mode
  4. In the Session box, click
  5. Set up the session and hit PUBLISH THE PROGRAM SESSION

🤓 Edits made on a program template won't impact current sessions. If you edit an existing program template, you will need to create a new session.


Watch the video below to find out what it's like for learners to take a course in Challenge mode!


Retrieve statistics for courses in Challenge mode

You can access statistics for courses in Challenge mode via your Dashboard.

To access statistics:

  1. From your Homepage, access the Dashboard
  2. Click SESSIONS
  3. Select the session
  4. Go to the Individual Results section
  5. Click the Score column to filter results in increasing order (from the lowest to the highest score). Learners will be ranked according to their score, and in case of equal scores, according to their time.




Find out more about Achievements


On your Homepage, Achievements motivate your learners into becoming active platform contributors. 

As soon as a user validates requirements, they unlock a new level of Achievement.

🤓 Achievements are a generic platform feature. Therefore, it is not possible to create custom Achievements, nor can you edit them. However, you can create Paths or Certificates.



List of Achievements

Learners' Achievements

💡You can find the list of Achievements a Learner has unlocked by typing their name in the search bar, clicking their profile and accessing the Achievements tab!


Courses Played

This Achievement takes into account the number of unique played courses. Multiple attempts for a given course (i.e in Training mode) are not taken into account. 


  • 1: Curious
  • 10: Diligent
  • 100: Scholar
  • 250: Genius
  • 500: Einstein


Reactions Given

This Achievement takes into account the number of Reactions given. If a user "likes" an activity or a course, this will be taken into account. If a user reacts, un-reacts and then reacts again, this counts only as one attempt.


  • 1: Community Member
  • 50: Supporter
  • 250: Influencer
  • 1000: Sponsor


Answers Given

This Achievement takes into account the number of replies given in a course discussion forum. 2 answers count as 2 points, even in the same post. 


  • 1: Helping Hand
  • 5: Contributor
  • 25: Pilar
  • 100: Savior


Champions' Achievements

Exploring the 360Learning authoring tool

This Achievement is awarded upon completing the 360Learning authoring tool onboarding course.  


  • The onboarding course is played: Aspiring Champion


Publishing Courses

This Achievement takes into account the number of courses created by a user. Archived courses count if they have been published once, deleted courses don't count.


  • 1: Champion
  • 5: Guide
  • 25: Role Model
  • 100: Guru


Replies given by a user on their own courses/activities

This Achievement takes into account the number of replies given by a user within their own course or activity. 


  • 1: Educator
  • 5: Teacher
  • 25: Profesor
  • 100: Expert


Positive reactions given on my courses/activities

This Achievement counts the positive (liked / learned) reactions made by all users on your own courses and your own activities. We count all users reactions.

  • If they are positive (I like / I learned)
  • And if they were made on your activity (document/sheet/question) or in a course you authored.


  • 1: Recognized
  • 50: Renowned
  • 250: Acclaimed
  • 1000: Glorious



Find out more about the Leaderboard


The Leaderboard showcases your most engaged users based on their Achievements

There is one Leaderboard per group: access the group's page to see the corresponding Leaderboard. 

🤓 The Leaderboard is embedded into the platform. Therefore it is not possible to deactivate or edit it.  


Ranking Criteria

Users are ranked in the Leaderboard as follows:

    1. First, Users with the most Champion's Achievements


    2. Next, Users with the most Learner's Achievements



Export the Leaderboard's Results


The Leaderboard features 5 users with the most Achievements. However, you can export results for your entire userbase.


💡Are you looking for Ambassadors to sponsor a project on your platform? Explore the Leaderboard and find your power users!


To retrieve results:

  1. On your Homepage, hover over the Leaderboard and click See more
  2. Click the download icon
  3. Click DOWNLOAD
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