Managing Users: Finding, Moderating and Deleting Users on your 360Learning platform

360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that relies on interaction between trainees.

In this article you’ll find out more about the main features related to user management:

1- Finding users 🐠

2 - Editing a user's profile

2 - Moderating user content

3 - Deleting users


1 - Finding users 🐠

A - Active users

In the My Workspace > Users > All, you will find an overview of all the users on the platform. Click on any profile to know exactly the groups they belong to:


B - Deleted users

You can access the profile of deleted users from the Dashboard > Users > Deleted menu. Learner progress and overall learning analytics are still available and downloadable in CSV format.

💡Did you know? You can generate a CSV export from the Dashboard > Sessions menu to retrieve a user's deletion date:

  • If the time of deletion = 00:00: the user was deleted automatically
  • If the time of deletion ≠ 00:00: the user was deleted manually


2 - Editing a user's profile

Head over to the My Workspace > Users menu and click on the profile you wish to edit. 

Here are the elements you can edit:

  • Additional Information
  • Email address
  • Groups & role(s) in groups
  • Label(s)
  • Date of automatic deactivation (optional)

Please note: for reasons of confidentiality, only users can edit their name, surname and password.


3 - Managing social interactions

A - How to trace back comments

You can locate comments at any time on your Home:

  • Hover over the puzzle-piece shaped icon to find out more about the training from which the comment was posted
  • Hover over the group icon to find out the group via which the comment was posted


B - Deleting a comment

You can delete a comment:

  • From your Home: hover over the pencil icon and click on Delete
  • From any discussion forum: hover over the pencil icon and click on Delete



4 - Deleting users

A - Remove a user from a group

There are two ways by which you can remove users from a group:

  • First, from the group settings. Go to the Members menu and click on the "+" sign to un-check the learner's name. 
  • You can also remove users from the My Workspace > Users menu. Click on any profile and un-check the role of the learner:


 B - Delete an account from the platform

To remove an account altogether, go to the My Workspace > Users > Delete users menu and click on the profile you'd like to remove. You can also remove accounts in bull via the My Workspace > Users > Delete users > Delete multiple accounts menu. 

Also, you can set a deactivation date for a learner via their profile:


C - Managing deleted accounts

You can still access the learning analytics for deleted accounts via the Dashboard > Users > Deleted menu.

You wish to reactivate an account which has been deleted? All you have to do is send a new invite to the account using the same address. Progression and learning analytics will still be visible for the account.

💡Please Note: if you set an account which had been deactivated, you will reinitialize previous settings. This includes the former password

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