Managing Learner Publications and Comments

360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that relies on interaction between trainees.

A quick vocabulary review is in order!

A publication is a message posted on a group or program newsfeed or as part of an activity. It’s the original message posted by a member.

A comment is another member’s response to the publication.

In this article you’ll find:

1 - Overview of the different discussion spaces on the platform

2 - How to post a message in a trainee group?

3 - How to find messages posted by trainees in the newsfeed?


1 – Overview of the different discussion spaces on the platform

A) Homepage Newsfeed


The homepage newsfeed automatically shows:

  • Public messages written by Trainers and Administrators
  • New courses and programs published in the Catalogue

B) Group Newsfeed


The group newsfeed includes publications made directly on the group page by both trainers and trainees.

You can add attachments to messages by clicking on the paperclip icon.

C) Program Forum

The program forum is accessible from the program page, by clicking on the Messages tab:


It contains publications posted by members about program activities:


D) Activity Forum

Each course activity can be commented on by trainers and trainees, it’s called a contextual forum:


You can hide contextual forums by clicking on the > icon.

Social Options must be activated for the course for this page to be displayed.

Please Note: As part of a program, the visibility of a contextual forum is dictated by the course mode. Please carefully read course mode descriptions to understand when the contextual forum will be displayed as part of the program.

The Program Tutor receives an email notification for each message or document that is published.

E) Member Profile


360Learning provides rich profiles for each user. Trainees can look at the profiles of other trainees that are part of the same group or company as well as trainer, administrator and owner profiles.


2 – How to post a message in a trainee group?

Your 360Learning platform allows you to divide trainees into groups. You have various channels to communicate with these different communities:


A) On the homepage

From the homepage, you can publish a message that will only be shown to public groups, as indicated below the input field:


B) On the homepage of each group

To publish a message in a particular group, navigate to the group homepage and post your message.

You can verify at any time what group will see the message, as in the previous example:


Please Note: To post a message to multiple private groups, you must navigate to the wall of each private group.

C) In the contextual forum of an activity

If a program is assigned to multiple groups at the same time, you can select which group you want to send a message to in the forum using the selector located in the response field:


3 – How to find messages posted by trainees in the newsfeed?

There are two ways to find messages posted by trainees:

  • If you are the Program Tutor, you’ll receive an email notification
  • Comments will also be available in your newsfeed

Hover over the puzzle piece icon to find out what course the comment was posted in:


The group icon will also show you what group the comment was posted in.

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